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Let’s be honest… Our health and wellness routines got completely turned upside down in 2020. Our lounge rooms became yoga studios, hand sanitizer became our number one skincare product and baking banana bread was a new form of self-care.

After such an unpredictable year, it’s almost impossible to forecast what might happen next. But what we do know is that 2020 shone a huge spotlight on our health and wellness. It forced us to find new (and often unconventional) ways to take care of ourselves amid the chaos.

Wellness was all about accessibility in 2020 and we’ll likely see this trend continue in 2021. From easy access to virtual fitness or self-improvement classes to more accessibility to fresh and nourishing whole foods, let’s explore how we’ll keep being healthy and happy in 2021.

The top wellness trends for 2021

Your home is your wellness hub

The pandemic saw our homes not only become our offices and classrooms but also our very own self-care sanctuaries. From the rise in at-home fitness and DIY beauty treatments to online self-improvement classes and cooking tutorials, our homes have become our wellness hubs — and it will be no different in 2021. Amid the stress and anxiety of living through a global pandemic, we need self-care more than ever. This means we are creating more spaces and experiences in the home that support our health, healing, and happiness.

A more holistic approach to health

The challenges of the pandemic have forced us to prioritize our health from a more holistic perspective — encompassing both our physical and emotional wellbeing. We have become acutely aware that taking care of our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical health. As such, we’re seeing a huge interest in mental health support, from remote therapy to meditation apps.

In 2021, we’ll also see an increasing focus on holistic medicine and the use of natural supplements to support our immunity, body, and mind. Parsley Health founder and CEO Robin Berzin noted, “People are looking for holistic and nutrition-based solutions that can easily fold into their day-to-day routine.” Beams Co. coffee elixirs are a great example of this, offering an easy way to embrace potent plant-based nutrients and adaptogens in your daily coffee.

Walk-and-talk therapy

It’s no secret that fresh air does a world of good for our mental health — and, in 2021, therapy will embrace the outdoors as walk-and-talk sessions rise in popularity. Since the pandemic began, many doctors and therapists stopped seeing clients face-to-face and switched to telehealth appointments. While telehealth offered a safe and effective alternative, many therapists and clients are missing personal interaction. Some therapists are now taking their sessions outdoors as a form of eco-therapy. Not only do clients get the benefit of gentle exercise among nature, but the health risks of face-to-face meetings are much lower in the open air.

Mindful eating

We’re going to see a lot more mindful eating in 2021 as people continue to focus on nourishing their body with healthy whole foods and shun restrictive or fad diets — especially those that cut out an entire food group like carbohydrates.

We are also becoming more mindful of the environmental impact of the food we eat (and waste). As we seek a more sustainable approach to eating, the trend of upcycling food is expected to rise in 2021 — that is, embracing foods or ingredients that are generally thrown away (such as vegetable stems) or deemed unsuitable for supermarket shelves due to cosmetic reasons.

Plant-based diets

Not only will we be eating more mindfully in 2021, but we’ll also become more open to plant-based options in our diet. Plant-based lifestyles have grown in popularity in recent years due to health, environmental, and animal rights reasons, and we’ll undoubtedly see this trend continue in 2021.

As we become more aware of the relationship between what we eat and how we function, we’ll also see a growing interest in the power of plants and how we can leverage the natural intelligence of plant foods for our health. Expect to see adaptogens and nootropics, such as functional mushrooms, make a regular appearance in our diets in 2021.

Digital detoxing

Last year, it felt like we were continually bombarded with bad news and toxic negativity on our TVs, phones and social media feeds. Not only that but most of our work and social lives were conducted via screens. While we’ve accepted that living a digital life cannot be avoided, we’ve also learned the powerful lesson that we can control what and how much digital content we consume. In 2021, digital detoxes will likely form an important part of our regular mental health and self-care routines. Taking the time to disconnect from the screen and reconnect with yourself will be paramount as we navigate our “new normal” in 2021.

Sustainable fashion

In recent years, we’ve become a lot more conscious of our environmental footprint — especially when it comes to our clothes. We know just how bad fast fashion is for the planet and that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, so we’re now looking for labels with environmentally friendly credentials. From the use of organic and recycled materials to more ethical labor practices, eco-conscious consumers will be on the rise in 2021 and demanding more sustainable fashion.

Want to start a new healthy habit in 2021 that’s good for your body, mind, AND the planet?

Sounds too good to be true, right? But with Beams Co. coffee elixirs, you can kickstart each day with a delicious coffee that harnesses the power of plant-based nutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens to keep your body and mind healthy. Not only are our coffee elixirs good for you, they’re also good for the planet! Each capsule is 100% biodegradable and compostable, meaning it will return back to nature — not landfill.

We provide coffee lovers and wellness warriors with barista-quality coffee elixirs that empower them to do their best work without forgetting about their health — proudly served in 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules.

Brittany Herron

Brittany is interested in holistic health and sustainability. She is a regular contributor at Beams Co.

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